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Roles and Responsibilities of Midwife in Maternity Care

Who is a Midwife Nurse?
In the health sector, a midwife is a health professional who serves an array of health care services for women including contraceptive counseling, gynecological examinations, prescriptions and labor, and delivery care. Serving specialist care during labor and delivery and also after birth is a specialty that makes midwives unique.
A midwife works with pregnant woman
Fig: A midwife works with pregnant woman
Roles and Functions of Midwifery in Maternity Care:
There are some key roles and responsibilities of a midwife in maternal care which is presented in the below:

1. Role of a Midwife as an Educator or Teacher:
She educates the community and families regarding maternal and newborn health. She also helps in changing the misconception and attitude of community in pregnancy, delivery and newborn care thereby helping to get rid of the harmful practices and superstitions during childbirth. As an educator, midwives serve high quality, culturally sensitive health education in order to promote healthy, helpful family life and positive parenting.

2. Role of a Midwife as a Care Giver:
A midwife provides high quality antenatal and postnatal care to maximize the women’s health during and after pregnancy, detect problems early and manage or refer for any complications.

3. Role of a Midwife as a Coordinator:
A midwife coordinates care for all women. Coordinator ensures holistic, voluntary and social services for pregnant women when appropriately so that every women’s birth experience regardless of the risk factor.

4. Role of a Midwife as a Leader:
The major roles of leader are to plan, provide and review a women’s care, with her input and agreement from the initial antenatal assessment through to the postnatal period. Midwives leading role is to decrease admission to hospital and results in significantly less intervention during the birth period.

5. Role of a Midwife as a Communicator:
The midwives understand the effectiveness of communication as a communicator. It also helps her to develop a trust relationship with pregnant women and her family members. The midwife has to communicate successfully with pregnant women and her family members as well as others so that they can share their all problems to her.

6. Role of a Midwife as a Manager:
A manager is a great role for a midwife. Midwives manage all the situations and refer women to obstetricians and other specialists in time when necessary.

7. Role of a Midwife as a Counselor:
Midwives provide information and counsel pregnant women on prenatal and self-care including nutrition, hygiene, breastfeeding and danger signs in pregnancy and childbirth.

8. Role of a Midwife as a Family Planner:

A midwife also counsels people as a family planner. She provides all the information about all kinds of family planning methods and helps a couple to take the decision.

9. Role of a Midwife as an Adviser:

A midwife gives advice on the development of the birth plan and promotes the concept of birth preparedness. She also gives advice during a complicated situation so that it will help them to take the decision.

10. Role of a Midwife as supervisor:
Supervising and assisting mothers during the antenatal period, monitoring the condition of the fetus and using their knowledge to identify early signs and complications.

11. Role of a Midwife as a Record Keeper:

In the health sector, record keeping is an integral part of midwifery practice. It helps in making continuity of care easier and enabling identify the problem in an early stage.

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